About Us

Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre (FRC) has been actively engaged with the communities in Bagenalstown and the surrounding areas of South Carlow since its establishment in 2001.

Functioning as a versatile “family centre,” we offer a wide array of programs, services, and supports tailored to the needs of families and individuals in the region. We provide a nurturing environment with Stepping Stones Childcare Centre as a therapeutic hub, as well as a variety of other family support services, and educational and recreational programmes, our offerings are meticulously developed to address the diverse needs of our community. We also have a charity shop which raises well-needed funds to support the delivery of our services.

These initiatives are outlined in detail in our annual plans, our social media platforms and this website will serve to inform the community as to what is happening in the FRC. All our work is developed to meet the needs of the community we serve.

Under the guidance of our Director of Services, Lynda Stacey, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers works tirelessly to ensure the effective delivery of our services.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
On behalf of the Board and our entire team, we extend a warm invitation for you to visit Bagenalstown FRC and the charity shop, Deja-Vu, located on Main Street in Bagenalstown. You will be most welcome!

Pat Purcell
Chair of the Board

All these services and initiatives have blossomed from the foundation of our Family Resource Centre. The infrastructure, including the buildings and surrounding space, was carefully planned and developed by the Board of Directors. This concerted effort has transformed our facilities into some of the most exceptional family and children support services and training facilities in Carlow.

Our state-of-the-art childcare building, purposefully designed with environmental sustainability in mind, features expansive playgrounds and ample parking facilities. Additionally, our purpose-built family and community building, along with our therapeutic hub, further enhance our capacity to cater to the diverse needs of our community.

At present, Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre boasts a robust team of specialist family, children, and youth professional support workers. These dedicated professionals are entrusted with the vital responsibility of delivering a myriad of educational, parental, and familial support services for children, young people, families and older individuals within our community.

The Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre operates with a strategic three-year plan through consultation with all the team, funders and the community of Bagenalstown and surrounding areas. Drawing upon evidence-based programs and custom-designed projects, we carefully develop our initiatives in response to a thorough needs analysis survey. Our paramount objective is to provide a holistic framework that addresses the multifaceted needs of families. By adopting this comprehensive and inclusive approach, we aim to enhance the likelihood of families achieving positive outcomes.

Central to our ethos is the commitment to challenging inequality and fostering personal, familial, and community autonomy. Through our endeavours, we aspire to cultivate a more equitable society wherein all individuals can thrive and flourish.

Presently, our Board of Governance comprises six dedicated voluntary directors who collectively shoulder the overarching responsibility for overseeing the compliance, governance, operations and strategic advancement of all projects, enterprises, and services operating from our diverse facilities.

The esteemed members of our 2024 Board are:

  1. Pat Purcell
  2. Fr. Declan Foley
  3. Mairead Phelan
  4. Eddie Corcoran
  5. Joe Campbell
  6. Michelle Nolan

To facilitate local people to develop through group development and social interaction

– To ensure that the vision and principles are implemented through the project
– To access resources and funding that will support the work of the project
– The provision of education opportunities and progression routes that meets the personal and professional development of the community
– To develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures to ensure equality and anti-discrimination practice
– To create an environment that is supportive, open, friendly and safe for project users, staff and ourselves
– To have a project that is accessible, flexible, adaptable and inclusive to the needs of individuals, groups and the community
– To provide a holistic service that actively supports the family

Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre – Building an integrated and welcoming community, where families and individuals will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre will work closely with the community to strengthen participation, equality and positive outcomes for all families and individuals by working from the guiding principles of Community Development and Family Support Practice.