Community Fab Lab

What is a Fab Lab?

Carlow's Community Fab Lab is based on the O’Brien Road, Carlow and is a training space for persons unemployed so that they develop skills which are extremely advantageous in accessing employment.


The core aim of the initiative is to instil creativity and support marginalised groups to train in 3D Printing, Graphic Design, Media Production and STEM projects.

In addition to gaining new skills, it also supports people furthest from the jobs market to improve social skills and build and develop skills to gain further training, education or employment.

Carlow Fab Lab will be designed to allow people in the community to be involved in 3D printing, Graphic Design, Media Production and STEM Projects.

  • 3D printing involves CAD Design and allows people to turn creative drawings into 3D models/prototypes,
  • Graphic Design involves creating logos and designs for different projects
  • Media Production uses Premier Elements and Photoshop software to create films and photography
  • STEM Projects involve Science Technology Engineering and Maths and allows people to “tinker”

For more details please call us on 059-9722028