Parenting Programmes

We support parents to recognise the positives & strengths that they have within their family. We also help them to identify where there are gaps & needs & how to tackle them. Together we set up a Family Support Plan that is specific to their needs & one that has realistic expectations of all the family.

Parenting work may include working with the parents to understand their children’s need, helping them to develop new skills, encouraging them to spend time and play with the children, supporting them in introducing boundaries and strengthening their ability to promote positive behaviour and manage challenging behaviours.

We offer Parentsplus courses at different stages during the year, our courses offer parents the opportunity to engage in a positive and inclusive program with additional support. Further information is available below. We also organise workshops and facilitate a parents support group. Further details are below.


These evidence based programmes, (designed and developed by Dr. John Sharry et al.) are designed to support and empower parents and care-givers in managing and resolving discipline issues, creating enjoyable and satisfying family relationships and assisting and supporting children in reaching their full potential. There centre delivers the following parent’s plus program:

1. Parent Plus - Early Years Programme

6 week programme aimed at parents and care-givers of 1 - 6year olds. The programme is suitable both for children within the normal range of development as well as children with special needs such as ADHD, speech and language and other development problems.

Topics include:

  • Being a Responsive Parent
  • Encouraging and Supporting Children
  • Promoting Children’s Language and Development
  • Helping Children Concentrate and Learn
  • Building Cooperation in Young Children
  • Managing Tantrums, Misbehaviour and Problems

2. Parents Plus – Children’s Programme

6 week programme aimed at parents and care-givers of 6 – 11 year olds.

This programme is suitable for all parents who desire to:

  • Solve parenting problems in a positive way that helps children learn
  • Manage difficult behaviour and discipline problems
  • Help their children be more cooperative and to learn to keep rules
  • Help their children learn and to reach their full potential at school

3. Parents Plus – Parenting when Separated

6 week programme aimed at parents who are preparing for, or gone through, separation or divorce. Parenting when separated can be challenging and stressful for both the residential and non-residential parent.

This programme aims to support parents positively in this process by exploring the following topics:

  • Solving co-parenting problems in a positive way that focused on the needs of children.
  • Coping with the emotional impact of separation and learning stress management techniques
  • Helping your children cope with the impact of the separation both emotionally and practically
  • Enhancing communication with their children and with their children’s other parent

Programs are delivered throughout the year - subject to demand. Once we have a core group of 8 participants the course will be delivered over a 6-week period.



We organise different workshops for parents throughout the year, we appreciate the parents have very busy lives, so we schedule our workshops during the school term. We deliver workshops based on the needs of the community some of which include:

  • Parenting 
  • Self-Care & Compassion
  • Mindfulness
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Understanding and Managing Anxiety
  • Aromatherapy for use within the home

Parents Support Group

This group meets on a monthly basis (1st Thursday of the month) for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat, this a great way to meet other parents for practical and emotional support. From time to time we will invite support agencies to come along and give a talk on their services and supports that the offer to parents within the community.

For more details on any of the above please call us on 059-9722028